Simple Business Do’s and Don’ts?

Simple Business Do’s and Don’ts?

Lots of possible answers as to why a person would or wouldn’t adapt to the following “golden rules” of business:

  1. The person has connected their identity with their role too closely and power has overridden their sense of humanity.
  2. Their values have never been established firmly enough to consider these things as important.
  3. Or maybe they feel that expressing certain attitudes and behaviors come with their role’s stature.
  4. It could be learned behavior from a 2nd generation company executive or business owner who assumed these negative attributes and a host of other offenders.

The part that is good here is that only a few of the simple business do’s and don’ts below are “hard” character traits that are very difficult to change. Most are “easy” with a little self-discipline, vulnerability, and time.

Listen, we’re all prone to bad habits. I had a bad self-image for a long time and would make up for it through self-sabotaging behavior … until one day while I was in the Army someone who cared about me told me,”Come on Luna, I know you’re better than that!”. That one little sentence from a man I deeply admired and respected flipped my world upside down and changed my mindset.

So if you’re culprit to any of the negative stuff below and desire change, give Corpsava a call and see how a systematic accountability program in your professional life can make waves throughout your company.


And now, the Simple Business Do’s and Don’ts:



1. Always be on time.
2. Always be prepared.  Briefings are fine but do everything you can to be “up to speed”.
3. Always be resourced for opportunities or the unexpected.  make yourself agnostic to market swings.
4. Always be polite to everyone.  The respect you give should not be based on someones power or money.
5. Always be safety minded and make it culturally ingrained.  Don’t lose anyone on your watch.
6. Always expect the best and have consequences for poorly done work.
7. Always document and deliver good and bad news to those who have earned it.
8. Always look after your people and others around you.  Be a true leader.
9. Always switch off your cell phone in meetings and give the group your full attention.
10. Wait your turn to speak or until you are asked unless it is truly important to interrupt.
11. Always obey all the policies and procedures you have developed.  You can’t lead where you won’t go.
12. Always be first in the office.  Be an example of commitment and consistency.
13. Not be afraid to admit you don’t know something. You can’t teach what you don’t know.



1. Fail to develop those very junior to yourself.  Take them under your wing.
2. Ask someone to do something you won’t do yourself.
3. Take under-calculated risks.
4. Be unapproachable.  Have a personality, an open door, and create shared environments.
5. Push people into danger.
6. Take advantage of your position. Ever.
7. Hire or allow toxic people to infiltrate.  If it is you, get aware, get help to change, or take a step away.

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